The rope

The childhood's innocence in the eyes of a girl with no certainties, with ignorance of the word pain, between very young ties. A woman bring life in their own hands, tired and lonely looking for hope without having hope of finding it, in an empty cold and confusing, marked by the weight of certainties. A graceful mother, absorbed in tenderness. A little family united by the warmth of love, which completes them, make them happy. A rope that separates the storm of smiles, the night from day, the death from life.
Time which has so much of ironic as true, it also gives as takes. The present is filled with memories in a place that is so equal, that it hurts. 


Maria Ruivo as The Girl

Ana Vieitas as The Woman

Natália Mantur as The Young Woman

Natália Colun as The Mother

Hugo Ruivo as The Father